Featured In New Scientist

“With talks practically dripping with inspiration, it didn’t disappoint.” Those were the words used to describe TEDxOxford 2011 in a recent article in New Scientist. Feel free to read the rest here and remember to keep your eyes out, tickets for TEDxOxford 2012 go up for sale soon! To stay in …

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Aubrey de Grey


Aubrey de Grey was one of eleven speakers at TEDxOxford 2011. A true maverick, Aubrey de Grey challenges the most basic assumption underlying the human condition — that aging is inevitable. He argues instead that aging is a disease — one that can be cured if it’s approached as “an …

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Vidal Sassoon


Vidal Sassoon was one of eleven speakers at TEDxOxford 2011. Claire Crazier of OK! Magazine said in 1994: “There’s a name that’s so pervasive worldwide that it ranks up there with Coca-Cola, Levi’s and McDonald’s. It’s a name so integral to contemporary culture that it merits four Trivial Pursuit questions …

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Mike Soutar


Mike was one of eleven speakers at TEDxOxford 2011 presenting his talk ‘Don’t wait to be hospitalised before you start your own business’. Mike is the founder and CEO of ShortList Media, one of the most innovative and revolutionary magazine publishers in the world. A major player in the publishing industry, having …

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Charles Roberts


Charles was one of eleven speakers at TEDxOxford 2011, presenting his environmental charity, Greeenstar. Charles, an entrepreneur with a background in medicine, is shaking up industry with his new business Greeenstar.org. Having recently been presented the Frost & Sullivan ‘Growth, Innovation & Leadership’ award following his talk at TED about …

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Kelly Cutrone


Kelly was one of eleven speakers at TEDxOxford 2011 presenting her talk ‘Cash, Conciousness and Capitalism’. Kelly is the founder and CEO of the world’s most prominent boutique fashion PR company, People’s Revolution, representing clients from Longchamp, Valentino and Bulgari to Agent Provocateur and Vivienne Westwood. Having appeared on reality TV shows …

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Chris Goodall


Chris was one of eleven speakers at TEDxOxford 2011 where he presented his talk ‘Why Media Plurality Matters’. Chris is a consultant to Enders Analysis, the UK’s leading media research business. He specialises in regulatory and public policy issues and spent much of the last year advising Enders clients on …

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Kevin Warwick


Kevin was one of eleven speakers at TEDxOxford 2011 presenting his talk ‘Cyborg Interfaces’. Kevin Warwick is a Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading and is at the forefront of research into Cyborgs. Having produced over 500 publications on research in artificial intelligence, control, robotics and biomedical engineering …

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Alan McGee


Alan was one of eleven speakers at TEDxOxford 2011. As founder of Creation Records, Alan McGee worked with influential bands like Oasis, Primal Scream, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and many more. He’s also managed artists like the Libertines and the Kills. These days he’s more engaged by …

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Merton College

Merton College’s T.S Eliot theatre was the venue for the 2011 TEDxOxford conference. Whilst the theatre was state of the art and brand new (named after old alumni T.S Eliot) the college itself was founded in 1264 by Walter de Merton, Lord Chancellor and Bishop of Rochester. It has a …

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