Info for the day

Only 4 Days to go!

Hi everybody,

I hope you are all as excited for TEDxOxford 2015 as we are!

To make sure you can make the most of the day, we have all the information you need here.


You will need your ticket to get into the theatre and throughout the day so make sure you remember to bring it! Those of you who didn’t get their ticket posted to them we recommend you head down to the New Theatre in the next couple of days, or get there at 9:30-10am on Sunday in order to pick it up. It will be very busy on the day and we don’t want you to have to queue.

If you couldn’t get a ticket and still want one then you can contact the New Theatre and be put on a waiting list where you’ll be in for a good chance of getting a seat.

Gift Bags

Once you get inside the theatre make sure you remember to pick up your gift bag on your way to your seat. There will be members of the TEDxOxford team stationed inside the theatre, handing out bags to all attendees. Inside the bags there will be the programme for the day, a list of food deals, some gifts and a wristband. Make sure to put the wristband on so that you can get the food deals during the breaks. 


10:30        House Opens

11:00        1st Session

12:45         Break

13:45        2nd Session

15:20        Break

16:00        3rd Session

17:30        End


Nathaniel Ware

Simone Barillari

William Latham

Zelda La Grange

Steve Simon

Fred Branson

Ben Power

Kristina Murrin

Sama Diyazee

Armand Leroi

Grace Young

Alan Watkins

Best wishes,

Connor Campbell
President, TEDxOxford 

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