Pernille Tranberg

Pernille Tranberg spoke at TEDxOxford 2012.

Pernille is a Danish journalist, author and speaker. Her main interest lies in how society has and will change in the wake of digital media and new technology. She recently published a book, ‘Fake It’, on how one should behave in the age of digital media to protect their digital identity and reputation.

Pernille works partly as a strategic advisor to the CEO of a large Danish media house, Berlingske Media, having been been the editor-in-chief of TÆNK (equivalent to Consumer Report in the US and Which in the UK) and a reporter at the Danish daily paper Politiken. She holds an M.A. from Columbia University’s Journalism School in New York City, and has authored six books.

Pernille lives in Copenhagen and is on Facebook with a fake name. You can find her real identity on LinkedIn or Twitter (@PernilleT).

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