We are extremely proud and pleased to present the following list (in order of their presentations/appearances on the day) of speakers who will be joining us for our 2017 conference:

Speaker #1: Mannat Malhi

Mannat Malhi is a second year law student at Wadham College, Oxford University. She incorporates the quote “to define is to limit” in all aspects of her life whether it be from her quirky shoe collection to her passion for women’s rights and racial equality.

Speaker #2: Nikki Eberhardt

Nikki Eberhardt B&W

Nikki is a second year executive MBA student at Balliol College, University of Oxford and is completing her PhD in Global Sociology at the University of Utah. Her research explores and advocates for refugee youth access to social capital. Particularly passionate to empower girls in developing countries, she was co-founder and president to a United Nations Women Chapter. She campaigns to end extreme poverty with Global Citizen and drives communication strategy and charity partner activations for Delta Air Lines.

Speaker #3: Jo Boaler

Jo Boaler 2

Jo is a Stanford researcher, professor of maths education, and expert on maths learning. She studies how the brain processes mathematics learning and how to develop a positive maths mindset. She is also the co-founder of youcubed.org.

Speaker #4: Dave Troy

CEO and co-founder at 410Labs, and creator of Mailstrom. He has been working on mapping out social relationships and discovering patterns in data that affect societal behaviour.

Speaker #5: Catherine Mallyon

Executive Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, passionate about integrating art into daily life and introducing new ideas through the RSC.

Speaker #6: David Casale

David Casale is the founder of Open4Energy, a non-for-profit energy supplier whose purpose is to raise money for charity. He is also the director of Turquoise, a merchant bank specialising in energy, environment and efficiency. His focus is on renewables and energy storage, and has argued that solar power could revolutionise the global energy market.

Speaker #7: Rosalind Watts

Dr Rosalind Watts completed her clinical psychology training at University College London.  After six years of practicing psychotherapy in the NHS, she joined a clinical trial at Imperial College, investigating psilocybin (magic mushrooms) as a treatment for depression. Her research explores patients’ positive views of this intriguing therapy.

Speaker #8: Priscilla Nagashima Boyd

Priscilla is a young technologist, passionate about innovation which will make a difference to people’s lives. Working with product management at Siemens plc, she has devoted the past two years to the research of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies. With seven years of experience in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Priscilla is the Honorary Secretary for the Women in ITS (ITS UK) industry group. She is also a STEM ambassador working with schools in the South West of England and is reading for an MSc in Software Engineering at the University of Oxford.

Speaker #9: Emma Lawrance 


Emma is a DPhil student in Clinical Neuroscience, using modelling and functional brain imaging to understand the brain basis of attention and decision making, particularly what’s different in anxious brains. She also co-Founded the It Gets Brighter campaign to bring messages of hope and support to young people struggling with mental health issues. The campaign has received immense support through video messages from people around the world.

Speaker #10: Steve Whitla

Founder of Visual Meaning, which helps people make sense of complex systems using visual maps

Speaker #11: Abhishek Parajuli

Abhi is a graduate student at the University of Oxford studying the impacts of taxes and foreign aid on development. His research shows that foreign aid may hurt development by making citizens care less about corruption and explores ways of making aid spending more effective.

He has lived and worked in Nepal, India and Hong Kong before moving to the United States where he graduated as class valedictorian from Dartmouth College in 2015.

Speaker #12: Tom Toumazis

Launching in March 2016, Tagsmart CERTIFY is a unique, technology-driven platform that delivers a secure and verified solution to artwork security for the global art market.
Tom Toumazis MBE has 30+ years experience in the media, entertainment and digital industries across advertising sales, television distribution, programme production, online search and social media. Now exclusively focused on the digital and startup world. He is a founder investor and Chair of 3 start ups and Chairman of the ChildLine Board

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