TEDxOxford 2014 Videos: Laura Bates

In this powerful and touching talk, Laura Bates confronts us with the realities of everyday sexism at UK universities. Quoting from eyewitness reports, she tells us shocking stories of women being expected to ‘race to strip’ as part of initiations; point scoring systems for sleeping with (especially virgin) freshers; and male freshers being forced to watch pornography. Moving from past problems to hopes for the future, Laura Bates reminds us that we can fight these sexist aspects of uni culture if we all stand together.

Laura Bates is the founder of the Everyday Sexism project, a collection of women’s daily experiences of gender inequality, which aims to step towards gender equality by demonstrating that sexism still exists in abundance in the UK and abroad, despite what many think. In December 2013 the project received its 50,000th entry. She is also contributor at Women Under Siege, a New York-based project working to combat the use of sexualised violence as a tool of war. She has written for the Independent, the Huffington Post, Grazia, the Women’s Media Center and JUMP!Magazine for girls.

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