TEDxOxford 2015 Speaker Professor Armand Leroi

Leroi Pic

Professor Armand Leroi is a renowned evolutionary developmental biologist, author and broadcaster based at Imperial College, London. His main field of research involves investigating how our developmental processes work – for example, how do our arms, eyes, kidneys, brains and other organs form from just a few cells? And why do they look like they do? A lot of his research involves studying mutations, as this can tell us a lot about our developmental processes. However, his inquisitive mind is not just limited to biology – in one of his recent studies, he carried out an investigation into the evolution of music!

Professor Leroi has written several books, including Mutants: On Genetic Variety and the Human Body, for which he was awarded the Guardian First Book Award in 2004. Since then, he has adapted his research for several BBC and Channel 4 documentaries. You may recognise him from recent shows such as What Darwin Didn’t Know – where he details the progress of evolutionary theory since the publication of the Origin of Species – and Aristotle’s Lagoon, which suggested that Aristotle was world’s first scientist and biologist, outlining both his achievements and the areas where he went wildly wrong, as well as explaining his impact on science today.

Having presented his research on television numerous times, Professor Leroi is one of the strongest communicators in his field, possessing the remarkable skill of being able to explain his research to an audience ranging from limited scientific understanding to experts in similar fields. This is set to be an informative talk for all.

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