TEDxOxford 2016 Speaker Theodore Zeldin (CBE)

Theodore Zeldin (CBE)

Theodore Zeldin (CBE)

Theodore Zeldin’s books, translated into 26 languages, include A History of French Passions, An Intimate History of Humanity, and The Hidden Pleasures of Life. After a lifetime teaching and researching at Oxford University, he is now President of the Oxford Muse Foundation, renowned for its international Conversation Dinners and experiments to invent new ways of working that are neither boring nor mind-numbing. He has been called ‘one of Britain’s leading intellects’ by Management Today and ‘one of the forty world figures whose ideas are likely to have a lasting relevance to the new millennium’ by the Independent.  ‘More than just funny, his writing is intelligent, loving, caustic, learned, lively, serious, brilliant’.Telerama (Paris)

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