TEDxOxford is recruiting!

–Be Part of TEDxOxford 2016!

A huge thank you to everyone who attended or was involved with TEDxOxford 2016! It was a truly brilliant day. I hope you were inspired and I urge everyone to watch more amazing TED talks online at TED.com or via Youtube.

We are now recruiting the TEDxOxford 2017 team!

The deadline for applications for the committee is 1pm on Friday 4th March.
Please send them to christopher.williams@tedxoxford.co.uk with the heading “TEDxOxford 2017 – Committee Applications”

The committee consists of 19 members, these positions are currently available: Secretary, Treasurer, Marketing Team, Speakers Team, Partnerships Team, Delegates Team, Technical Director, Video Editor, IT Officer, Brookes Liaison Officer and Outreach Officer.

Breakdown of Roles for TEDxOxford Committee 2017.

Secretary: As secretary your role will include dealing with all enquiries to the TEDxOxford contact address. This includes speaker applications, questions about TED/TEDx/TEDxOxford, queries about the day itself, working with local schools as part of the outreach programme, working with other companies on promotional deals, and dealing with feedback after the day. You need excellent organisational and communication skills in order to book meetings and communicate their outcome with all team members, as well as ensuring all the sub-teams are on the same page. On the day itself you will work backstage ensuring everything goes smoothly with the speakers. This role requires about 5 hours a week on average, as the volume of enquiries is surprisingly large, but it is extremely manageable.

Treasurer: This role consists of managing the budget, ensuring all costs can be covered and doing the audit after the event. It requires a few hours a week. The Treasurer is also responsible for the organization and submission of the external scrutiny report to the charity commission.

Marketing Team (2 members): The main aim is to create and implement a marketing strategy to make TEDxOxford cool, as selling out has never been an issue. Creating and implementing creative and innovative marketing ideas, very much in line with the ideas of TED, is important. Specific jobs include planning the Fresher’s Fair stall, organising t-shirts for the conference, sorting out the ticket release data and overall strategy timeline, as well as liaising with media personnel before and after the conference to ensure great coverage and reviews. We also chose to offer free tickets to school students as part of an outreach scheme, which involved working with outreach officers and trying to appeal to both the local community and Oxford University students. The time commitment varies but is generally around 3-4 hours a week.

Speakers Team (3 members): The time commitment for this role is around an hour or two a week but if you’re really keen, go all out and forgo your respective degrees! The role requires initial research into potential speakers, sorting through and organising suggestions from within the committee and the wider public. Then once the line-up is confirmed it is important to maintain dialogue with our speakers to sort out logistics and talk outlines. You need to have a good grasp of email correspondence, time management and organisation.

Partnerships Team (2 members): This role involves securing the sponsorship for the entire event and maintaining communication with the sponsors and the team. The team also organises accommodation and transport for the speakers. The highlight is organising the speakers’ dinner at the Randolph after the event. There’s a lot of cross over with the teams so you’ll end up sharing a lot of the responsibilities.

Delegates Team (2 members): Much more than looking after the delegates on the day, becoming part of the Delegates team at TEDxOxford gives you opportunities to work with large companies such as ID&C, gain an understanding of, and form sponsorship deals, calculate logistics of gift bag packing and delivery as well as selecting a team of volunteers to usher on the day. You need no previous experience in these areas, just enthusiasm, commitment and a wealth of new innovative ideas.

Technical Director: This role involves delivering lighting, sound, video and stage for the TEDxOxford conference. You will work closely with the New Theatre and the video editor. Previous experience in stage managing shows is advised but not necessary. You are also responsible for recruiting a Tech team to deliver everything required for the show. The role is particularly time consuming in the month before the event but otherwise only takes 1 hour per work.

Video Editor: The main purpose of this role is to complete all the video editing of TEDxOxford talks. You will work closely with the Technical Director and the rest of the Tech team to ensure the footage is perfect. You are also responsible for ensuring videos follow the strict TED guidelines. Usually this role will only take 1 hour per week but after the conference it will significantly increase as you attempt to finish all 12 talks as quickly as possible.

IT Officer: The role consists of taking care of the website, setting up the TEDx email addresses, ensuring the mailing list is updated, maintaining/designing the app, helping other committee members with IT-related work and communicating with sponsors to ensure the logos/adverts are on the website/apps as desired. The time commitment depends on how ambitious you are. Recreating the website and writing the app from scratch took around 8 hours a week on average, though it varies. If you choose to stick with the same app and website layout, the workload will be much less, with more focus on maintaining and updating these.

Outreach Officer: This role is about creating ways of connecting to the local Oxford population to raise awareness of TEDxOxford and to encourage local support and involvement. This is achieved through means such as sharing through social media, advertising on local radio, marketing activity in the town posters around the community, and supporting the efforts of the marketing team across all areas.  The Outreach Officer is also responsible for collaborating with local schools and charities to both raise awareness of the conference, and for the distribution of free tickets reserved for outreach purposes.

Brookes Liaison Officer: The main aim is to promote TEDxOxford to students on the Oxford Brookes Campus. You will work closely with the marketing team and will have regular contact with the Oxford Brookes Students Union. You will be in charge of organising a number of marketing events at the Brookes Campus and ensuring publicity materials are present throughout student halls. The time commitment varies but is generally around 1-2 hours a week.

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