TEDxOxford Speaker 2015 Fred Branson

only pic of Fred Branson

Fred Branson is the co-director of Amantani UK, a charity which works to improve the lives of Peruvian children. Since 2008, the charity has been working to bridge the gap between home and school for children living in Ccorca; a small Quechua district nestled high in the Andes of Southern Peru. They have established three Boarding Houses which help over sixty children who used to walk up to four hours to get to school; this is time that they can now spend on improving their prospects for the future.

Branson established Amantani in 2007, drawing on his experiences working in a Peruvian orphanage. The charity works on small-scale, sustainable projects, with a focus on creating strong mutual relationships and respecting local customs and culture.

Fred will join us at TEDxOxford to speak on what he has learnt about the art of giving. He will share with us a thought provoking message about how charities portray those who they help and his views on the impact increasing access to social media will have on this. He will also speak on a number of heart-warming personal experiences which inspired him to devote his time to the cause of Amantani. His talk is sure to be both touching and thought-provoking.

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